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November Meeting:

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we have scheduled the November meeting for a day other than our usual fourth Wednesday.  The November meeting will take place on a Tuesday, November 18, 2014, at 7:00 p.m.  BE SURE TO CHANGE THE INFORMATION ON YOUR CALENDAR.  We won’t be there on the fourth Wednesday.

As guest speakers, we will have some knowledgeable professionals discussing ways to protect and nourish our orchard and garden in an organic way.   In addition to the speakers, we will have some vendors selling plants including passion fruit, figs, mango and more.  A number of the fruits that were being propagated at Southwestern College will be available for sale, including some unusual varieties of Dragon Fruit, pomegranates, figs, bananas, and others.
This is the time to come and pick up some plants for your collection and learn what’s new out there in the way of plant nutrition and care.
Mark Hendrickson of

Polymerag.com will speak to us about protecting your fruit trees and other plants from weather related stress conditions. The ability of a plant to resist weather related stress conditions is directly proportional to the ability to retain moisture in the cells.  Severe difficulties confronting growers in the agricultural, horticultural and home user markets include frost-freeze, drying winds (hot or cold), excessive heat, drought, rapid temperature variations and transplant shock.   In this time of climate warming and the extreme hot weather we’ve been having lately, this information will help us protect our plants.

Jim Verner of Organicag.com will speak to us about organic fertilizers.   As home and commercial growers, we are concerned about what we put on our plants.   The trend has been more and more to go toward organic and to reduce or eliminate non-organic products we use in our gardens.   OrganicAg’s mission is to develop and supply certified organic farmers (and anyone growing organically) with organic input materials that are fairly priced, increase crop yields, increase the quality of crops, and make organic farming an easier lifestyle choice.  (We like the idea of improving the planet and achieving world peace too, but we plan on doing this one acre at a time!)

Gisele “G” Schoniger, Organic Category Manager & Educator, of  KelloggGarden.com will also speak with us about the Kellogg Garden Products.  Kellog which has been a major force behind the southern California agriculture, gardening and landscaping industries since it was founded. The company has deep roots spanning three generations. Planning has enabled the Kelloggs to retain the earlier generation’s integrity while growing in new directions and exploring new markets and partnerships. Their pledge: We believe there is a basic human responsibility to be stewards of our environment. For more than 85 years, we’ve been working to sustain the abundance of our world. And with your help, an EarthRichTM future will be ours for many generations to come.
These speakers will bring samples of their products for us and some of their products for the opportunity table.  
Don’t miss out on this great meeting. 

Tuesday, November 18
Starts at 7:00 PM

Balboa Park, Casa del Prado, Room 101

Driving Directions

Note: If you are interested in the Home Tissue Culture Hands-on Workshop, please email Jose at JMGallego@CRFGSanDiego.org for details.
The Home Tissue Culture presentation is now available

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Join us every second Saturday in "Adopt a Pair of Fruit Trees" Program at the San Diego Peace Garden.
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The San Diego Chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers was created to educate people about rare fruits, to identify fruits that are adaptable to the local area, and to propagate and to exchange plant materials.

What do we do?

During the year, the San Diego Chapter has many activities related to growing rare, unusual and exotic fruits. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in growing fruits in the San Diego area and a desire to improve their gardening skills.

Our meetings cover a wide variety of subjects such as selecting rare or semitropical fruit trees, how to plant and take care of them, how enhance your garden with fruit trees, and what to do with your new source of food.

During our meetings, we have a raffle of rare and exotic plants, mostly scarce fruit trees, donated to the Chapter by our generous membership. We also have a fruit tasting table, where the members get to enjoy fresh fruit prepared in many ways.

In addition, members receive a monthly newsletter filled with information about activities of interest to San Diego gardeners, and recipes using exotic fruits.

For other cities please visit our parent organization's web page at http://www.crfg.org. We also welcome suggestions on how to provide timely and specific information to everyone interested in growing rare fruits in San Diego.


If you have questions, please e-mail us at info@crfgsandiego.org or use our Contact List

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